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  • Are you renovating your house and looking for experienced house painters?
  • Are you tired of the black marks on your interior walls?
  • Do you want to repair your office walls?
  • Are you trying to sell your house, but with no luck?

The answer to these and to many other problems is House Painting Cyprus.

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Wall Painting

Whether a brand new, an old or a renovated building, House Painting Cyprus can transform your property to give it a fresh look.

Our painting services in Cyprus include the painting of the interior and exterior walls of any kind of building by a skilled team of painters. Working in a professional and respectful way, our painters always make sure to cover furniture and other items so as not to cause any damage.

wall painting services cyprus

Wall Repair

The process of wall painting in Cyprus also includes wall repair. Ensuring that the surface is smooth and free of any imperfections that could affect the quality of the paint job is important for a flawless result.

Cracks, holes and other damages should be fixed before the painting starts so that the wall paint is even and there is no bubbling up. Once the walls are free from any damage, our experienced painters sand them and add primer before starting to paint.

wall repairing cyprus

Wall Design Styles

Wall design styles are becoming increasingly popular and used in houses, offices, hotels, restaurants and other places. Wall design styles create a unique and personalized space and add to the aesthetic of a space.

However, wall design styles like faux painting and sponge painting need to be assigned to trusted professionals who are skilled and trained to undertake such projects. Trust our painting services in Cyprus for your wall design style. Our painters have the experience and skills in wall design and are able to deliver amazing results.

wall design painting cyprus

Flooring Painting

Flooring painting is used to protect, seal, improve and stain floors and are usually used on the floors of garages, patios, warehouses, museums, galleries and other places.

Our painting services in Cyprus include suggesting the best coating, paint or stain for your floor and using it to transform it and make it look brand new.

flooring painting cyprus

Furniture Painting

Old furniture that has lost their shine do not necessarily need to be disposed. We understand that there could be a piece of furniture that has sentimental value for you and you want to have it in your house or office forever. There are also pieces of furniture that are nice and functional but discoloured.

The solution is not to throw these pieces of furniture away and buy new ones but paint, varnish or stain them.

furniture painting cyprus

Fence and Rails Painting

The hot climate in Cyprus, the different weather conditions and time can affect the appearance of your fences, rails and patio. Our painting experts can effectively paint your fences, rails and patios to give them life again and enhance the appearance of your house.

We work with paints that are the best for each material and we know exactly which paint is suitable for each fence, rail or any other outdoor element.

fence painting cyprus