Pastel Painting Ideas for Your House in Cyprus

pastel painting ideas for your house in cyprus

Pastels are soft, light-toned colours associated with peaceful and calming emotions. Pastel colours will not only change the interior of your home, but they will impact your everyday mood. Choosing a specific colour for your home comes down to personal preferences. Here you will find various pastel painting ideas for your house in Cyprus.

Pastel Blues

Blue is one of the liveliest pastel colours. Blue is associated with royalty, stability and reliability. It is a colour that creates the illusion of a bigger space. It is ideal for packed and narrow rooms because it gives the illusion of an open space. It can also help with insomnia and anxious sleeping. Hence, it is best to use pastel blue in bedrooms for a calming sleep ambience.

Mint Green

Mint green is a graceful colour that turns a house into a friendly, lovely home. It has a calming effect, perfect for relaxing after a long day at work. It relates to freshness and rejuvenation. You can pair it well with many other colours. As a result, you will have many options when furnishing your home.

pastel painting ideas for your house in cyprus

Pastel Pink

Pink is associated with femininity, innocence and compassion. It can create a tranquil environment, excellent for bedrooms and bathrooms. Consider using white, cream, light grey, or pastel yellow as complementary colours in other aspects of the room (e.g. furniture). 

Pastel Yellow

It is the brightest and most cheerful colour. Associated with warmth and feeling welcome, it is suitable for a living room or a space where people meet (e.g. dining room, kitchen or meeting room). Just like mint green, it pairs easily with a variety of colours. It resembles natural light, making a space look bigger and more open.


It is no coincidence that this pastel purple shade is associated with lavender. Lavender is the flower of love at first sight. It is a very romantic yet graceful colour, perfect for a bedroom or office space.

Also, if you have a meditation room, paint the walls mint green or pastel blue. These two choices will make you feel more connected with yourself as they reflect nature’s colours. 

For more ideas on what colour to choose take a look at How to Choose the Right Paint Colours for Your Home or Office.

Your home is a space where you should feel at peace. It is a space created especially for your needs and desires. Express yourself through the colours you will choose to dress your walls. Contact House Painting Cyprus to assist you in this process.